How do you mix the food mix for chicken

How do you mix the food mix for feeding chickens

How do you mix the food mix for chicken to try it for a few chickens or chickens 20-30 semi-locked, semi-released or fed by a natural formula can cost 35. approximately 40% fermented banana tree leaves are not already, do not buy it. Private residual stresses that can be purchased by restaurants for animals may vary slightly depending on the area.

The ingredients are as follows: Chicken feed

      -------- Soybean meal 20% = 20x .... / 100.

      -------- Fishmeal 7% = 7x .... / 100.

      -------- Fish, rice or corn was 32% = 32x .... / 100.

      -------- Delicate dance 8% = 8x ... / 100.

      Acacia -------- crushed or powdered cassava leaves 4% = 4x .... / 100.

      -------- Banana compost 25% = 25x .... / 100.

      -------- Calcium (crushed shells) 4% = 4x .... / 100.

      -------- Pre MiGs chicken eggs. 25% = .25x .... / 100.

            * Ellipsis is the amount of feed per day, measured in kg chicken, 30 per 120 grams equals 3.6 kg, it took 3.6 put into it.
                  The mixture is approximately 17-18% crude protein.

  How do I use the compost banana banana has not dropped its medium-sized to large swathes took a lot of trees to reduce competition in the. (From one to lose nearly one-half months), sliced ​​and chopped so fine it better. Mix it with a molasses and salt ratio molasses 25 of banana and salt 4 the banana like banana, chopped 100 Solo molasses four solo salt 1 logo on the volume and mix and mix well, then. compost into plastic lids submerged fermentation for about four to five days or more is available. From what I had done, I would be open to air out once a day, but no foul odors to smell like yeast or fermented fruit. (The textbook generally will cover the completion date will be applied to open) I try to see it this way, it will be confined to the lecture is that the solution is to add molasses added and fermentation continued. aromatic smell will come back as usual. The changes do not change the food suddenly my eggs will gradually decrease until it stopped over the eggs to eventually return to normal for months ever. How to mix the new food gradually, little by little, then add plenty more. For over a week to be the best. Chicken eggs gradually adapt without stopping it.
  If the eggs are not usually very thin shell, without either increase or decrease the volume down or broken rice is cooked or not, it remains a ripe banana or mango fourth of five children was possible because the chicken mixture. Party with a natural ability to adapt quickly.

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