The Best Chicken Breeds for Your Backyard

The Best Chicken Breeds for Your Backyard

There are a few tips that any new-time chicken owner should adhere to when deciding what chicken is best for them:

1.A big factor in choosing your breed of chicken is the consideration of where you live. A small garden in the middle of the city isn't exactly ideal for thriving chickens.

Neither is a small coop. Planning must be seen when building the coop, as this is the chicken's home and the place where they will spend the most time. Ideally, for any chicken, a large garden should be a feature in your home, to allow the chickens to run freely. The climate where you live also can pose a problem. If you are near the equator, it tends to be warmer, and whether you live about it or below it, it gets cooler.

2.If it's eggs you're after, the Pekins and the Silkies are your guys. Purebred chickens tend to be more fragile and prone to illness than those which have been crossbred, so if you're looking for a good breed, crossbreeding a Silkie and a Bantam has been reported as one of the best breeds of chicken you can get, as they are quiet laid back.

If you're just after inexpensive egg laying, then you should choose the leghorn. Not as pretty as other chickens, they are the cheaper method. However some breeders have reported them as being high-strung.

3.Some people aren't after chickens for their eggs, and if you're one of them, than the Cochin Bantam is your bird. With a sweet disposition, it is exceptionally well-mannered. If you're looking for beauty, than a good choice is the Americaunanas. These are incredibly beautiful because of their feathersFeature Articles, resembling a Falcon in both colour and hooked beaks.

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