Recipes with banana to feed chicken

Recipes with banana to feed chicken

For use in pet food. If Chiang Mai district livestock providing information will focus on food management using banana compost is the main staple, along with another local energy by feeding two meals - morning and evening.

In addition, it is released naturally by the independent extra yard waste, vegetable waste, season fruit ripening.

For five days, the fermented banana recipes invented. Posted by farmers to apply. Component

- 30 kg banana trees chopped

- 1 kg of brown sugar or molasses.

- 2kg Din

- 30 kg bran

- Salt 2 tablespoons curry

- 4 kg of dry cow manure.

- 1 kg rice

The use of a mixture of marinating Then Mix well for about five days, can be mixed with other materials such as rice bran protein concentrate 14-21% for laying hens are fed.

If the food Such Chiang Mai farm district office have been introduced to monitor the percentage of protein found in the protein content of 15.3%.

While the cost of food Average 3.32 baht per kg only.

The fermented food, the chickens will apply to the age of 3 months.

Hens adoption. The formula suggests the ratio of the feed mixture. For small farmers,

Phase 1 of the first month to -1.5 concentrated mainly eat 10 kilograms.

Phase 2 ages 1.5-3 months to feed combination mixture of two kilograms of rice bran concentrate 6 kg 2 kg.

Phase 3 ages 3-4 months for mixing the feed ingredients concentrated 5kg of rice bran 1 kg, 1 kg and 1 kg of fermented foods.

Phase 4 age 4-5 months to mix the concentrated feed ingredients 3 kg, 1 kg of rice bran 1 kg and 5 kg of fermented food.

Phase 5 years and 5 months to release a mixture of concentrated feed mixing 2 kg of rice, 1 kg and 7 kg of fermented food.

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